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Re-conditioned inventory

Precor 835 With P30 Console



 Now available the highly sought after Precor 8 Series Full Body commercial ellipticals. Units are ready to go with warranty. Call us at 512 221-8033 to set up an appointment to visit our warehouse.   Re-conditioned. Super solid w/350lb user weight capacity. 

Precor 546i Experience series



The first real cross trainer. Precor 546i Experience Series for the best in workout in doors. Units going fast. Re-conditioned with warranty. Built for the gym but great in the home.   

Precor 534i experience series



The Precor 534i Experience Series Light commercial elliptical incorporates all of the full body benefits of the 576i but with a space and weight savings that makes it ideal for tight spots in your home or facility.    

precor 833 trm p80 console



The newer 8 series Precor treadmills are now available. Along with its massive 4hp motor, the 8 series steps things up from previous models with a 500lb user capacity, 16mph top speed and a -3% decline to go along with it's 15% incline. These are ready to go while they last. 

Precor 956i Experience series



Precor 956i Experience Series commercial Treadmill. Sporting an amazing 400lb user capacity and 22" wide belt, this 4hp dynamo with 16mph max speed has everything you need for a serious workout. Re-conditioned with warranty 

Precor 932i Experience series



Precor 932i Experience Series light commercial treadmill re-conditioned with warranty. The same 4hp motor, 400lb user capacity and 15% incline as the full commercial models with smaller lighter foot print. Best tread for the home or smaller club. 

Techno Gym 700 Jog W/internet



Techno Gym 700 Jog with Visio Web browser. Connections for an iPod w/TV and radio integrated. 15" touch screen console and with visio web you can access your favorite social media sites or check your email. You can even play games like Backgammon and Solitaire. To cap it all off, this tread sports a 6hp motor and a 485lb user weight capacity.

Life fitness 95T Inspire



 The 95T Inspire boasts a 4.0 HP and top speed of 15 mph. Along with a 15% incline it features the same shock-absorbing springs that are used in Corvettes. 7″ color touchscreen and 41 diverse workouts make it a must see.  USB connectivity allows for fully customizable workouts and tracking of exercise data long-term. 

Star Trac Pro recumbent



Star Trac Pro features a step thru design  Ideal for clinical settings or limited range of motion situations. Seats are built for comfort with lumbar supports and armrests taking the load off your back and shoulders. A built-in fan keeps you cool as you ride. Unit has a generator so no cords. With a user Capacity of 350 lbs, this recumbent is ready for duty in any and all settings.

Precor 835 AMT Open Stride



We have Precor 835 Open Stride AMT's  100% functional with warranty. Is there a better deal for a re-conditioned AMT with warranty? One of the most innovative cardio devices ever conceived. Call or text 512 221-8033 to schedule a time to visit our warehouse. 

stairmaster 7000pt



7000PT Stepmills at an awesome price. Certified Pre-Owned with warranty. This is one of the most popular and demanding workouts and a must for any complete facility. Re-conditioned with warranty.  

Star trac ETrx



Star Trac ETRxi Commercial Treadmill. Triple cell cushioning system, 20x62 running area, aluminum frame and cooling fans makes this a top choice for any setting scenario but 5hp and a 500lb user capacity make it Elite. Re-conditioned with warranty 

Matrix Tomahawk Spinner



The Matrix Tomahawk spinners Belt drive results in a smooth, quiet, low-maintenance ride over chain driven units. 47lb flywheel and Dual-sided pedals along with Seat and handlebar micro- adjustments make for one of the most versatile bikes available. 

Cybex 750AT Arc Trainer



 We have re-conditioned Cybex 750AT commercial full body cross trainer ellipticals with warranty. Generator driven cordless units built like a tank. These units sport 21 different levels of incline (10 more than the previous models) A whopping 900 watts of total resistance and a 400lb user capacity.Call us to set up an appointment to visit our warehouse. 

Cybex 620A Arc Trainer



Cybex 620A commercial Arc Trainer ellipticals with warranty. Available while supplies last. These are the generator driven cordless units that are built like a tank. Features include 11 different levels of incline from a gliding ski motion to a glute and thigh building hill climbing motion, 15 to 100 levels of resistance and a 400lb user capacity.